Professor Lesley Millar writes in Cloth & Memory {2}, 2013:

‘Whatever Philippa Lawrence does, it is never what one expects. As an artist specialising in site-specific work, her relationship with place is the driving rationale, always developing and challenging her own methodology and responses.’

An experienced artist based at Spike Island, and Principal Lecturer at Cardiff School of Art & Design. I work on commissions, exhibitions and projects, nationally and internationally.

Working site-specifically and considering both being off-site and on-site informs my practice, as do opportunities to engage with and connect to others.  I facilitate ways of seeing and being, involving people in their experience of and relationship to site.

My processes and material choices are always research and context-led. I work with a variety of different materials and practices— gold-leaf, glass blowing, industrial artefacts, cloth, ink, photography, raw wood, French polishing, enamelling, sheepskin parchment, yarn, neon, insects and plants.

I am passionate about creative practice, in safe-guarding and contributing to the creative sector and in effecting positive change.  I am well-positioned to enable practice and research to be understood, valued, supported and have broader significance and application – through artists networks, teaching and cultural sector connections.

I consider human engagement with the earth and its resources, the shifting value, production and status of materials, art and artefacts and am involved in on-going research into our cultural heritage and engagement with the last practitioners of traditional craft skills.

If you are interested in my work, or wish to discuss a potential commission please email me at:

+ link to Philippa’s CV.