1-2-1 Coaching & Mentoring affords the space and time dedicated to identifying goals and solutions. Coaching relies upon listening, holding and reflecting your internal thought process and voice to help focus and enhance self-awareness, develop new insight, explore challenges and options – to clarify direction and resolution.

With considerable experience as a creative practitioner and as a Principal Lecturer at Cardiff School of Art & Design, I can offer mentoring as part of these sessions.

Learning and growth, making connection and creating opportunity with and for others plays an important part in my own creative practice.

If you feel coaching, critique or mentoring may be helpful to you and would like to know more please contact me on: info@philippalawrence.com

Accredited through RD1st: https://relationaldynamics1st.co.uk

“Thank you so much for the 1-2-1 session at Spike Island. I can’t believe how much we talked about in such a short half hour session! I was feeling quite stuck and unsure about my work and talking to you really helped me to see my way through the tangle and pick out some clear paths to pursue. The questions you asked me and your genuine interest in my work were exactly what I needed to stimulate change.

I also felt that your understanding of the clash between the demands of personal-life, work-life and artistic-life, and the solutions you presented really helped me to see ways that I can make time and space for my practice.

I really can’t thank you enough. I know that you will be an excellent mentor for artists, and I am very pleased that other people will benefit from your wisdom and expertise!”

Rebecca, artist: 1-2-1 Conversation, Coaching & Advice Spike Island Open Studios 2019

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