1-2-1 Testimonials

I know that you will be an excellent mentor for artists, and I am very
pleased that other people will benefit from your wisdom and expertise!

I was feeling quite stuck and unsure about my work talking to you really helped me to see my way through the tangle and pick out some clear paths to pursue.

The questions you asked me and your genuine interest in my work were exactly what I needed to stimulate change.

Your understanding of the clash between the demands of personal-life, work-life and artistic-life, and the solutions you presented really helped me to see ways that I can make time and space for my practice.

I really can’t thank you enough.

Rebecca Farkas: artist

“ I found how you pulled information and thoughts from me like a string to be very eye opening and enjoyable.

You made me feel extremely relaxed and at ease when talking to you.

 I enjoyed your positivity and how you spun the language I used from having a negative spin to a constructive one.

Thank you sooo much again.

Will Hughes: artist

The opportunity to talk and to have one’s art practice exposed and dissected in a tutorial type setting was enlarging, and provided a platform for growth and change in practice.

To talk about art practice in context with one’s life and inner psychic welfare requires an ambience in trust and security – you provided these requirements well

” The dynamics required insight and respectful handling to get to the inner world behind my art, you were very much at ease in your role in your relational/consultative practice.

I came out with a sense of fortitude in addressing the future strands that constitutes my practice.

James: artist

I had a 1:1 with Pip and found that in a mere half hour we had got to the core of what I needed to focus on in order to make the progression that I needed.

It was very helpful.

Sarah Rhys: artist

Philippa is extremely enthusiastic and invests in her students and their work.

She is committed to supporting students to achieve work of a high professional standard and to develop as professional practitioners. Philippa encouraged me to consider my position within the world, as an art and design practitioner, ensuring I was engaging with what was taking place around me and looking towards the future. She is extremely approachable. I always felt comfortable expressing new ideas, discussing concerns, or seeking reassurance about my work.

Philippa is fuelled with new exciting ideas that she develops with you through discussions based around your own work. She always gives time to reflect on these conversations, which helps you to further develop your decision making.

She is skilled in knowing when to provide close, hands-on support and when to step back, ensuring our independence as artists, designers and makers. Her knowledge, understanding of her own practice and engagement with the existing art and design world, makes her teaching current and valuable for her students.

Katie Upton-Roddy: Student

It’s been an absolute pleasure to be taught by such an inspirational person. Pip’s teaching style is something I grew to appreciate even before being leading my year. She considers everything beforehand, carefully planning out and considering things down to the finest of details.

1-2-1 tutorials with Pip enlightened me into the world of professional practice. Her input into my learning is only just beginning, but will stay with me for the remainder of my career.

My experience with Pip has been without exaggeration the best year in education so far and I would hope the passion for my practice that I have built over the past year sticks with me forever.

Aaron Davies: student

Pip is not simply a teacher she is a cultivator; she observes what each student is passionate about, and broadens their horizons further, but always in keeping with what each individual is interested in.

She cultivates the best out of her students, and in turn, her students learn to progress and self-critique.

Gabrielle Mehan: student

Pip is consistently and infectiously energetic and enthusiastic, emanating positivity which reflects upon all students including myself.

 Care and thought are evident in each presentation or tutorial, always providing professional insights and opportunities aimed to enhance students experiences and increase knowledge of the creative realm outside of university.

Pip not only supports but challenges, allowing students to question and enhance their creative projects, always showing an interest and offering a secure working environment which allows for honest conversation.

From her ability to advise and share, to her compassion and support, Pip has personally aided me to become a more assertive student with confidence in herself and ability.

Megan Baker: student

Philippa Lawrence, or Pip, is one of the best teachers I know. Her cheerful personality & sense of fun immediately  puts you at ease. She’s not just fun, but a fantastic tutor and mentor. She clearly cares deeply.

Pip is extremely knowledgeable as an artist: her skillset is diverse and invaluable to a student. Pip always takes time to fully understand a piece of work and the thoughts behind it before offering feedback, and has the remarkable ability to encourage you to consider your work from a new perspective without you realising it. She does this without interruption, but instead simply asks questions and encourages thoughtful refection by allowing silence. She doesn’t ever rush you to answer or impose ideas. Working with Pip you never feel like you’re being told what to do, but are encouraged and nurtured to grow your own practice in the way you want it to develop.

Pip is the best kind of teacher, she’s knowledgeable, caring, friendly and extremely perceptive.

Will Treasure, Student Union president

My coaching sessions with Pip have been hugely valuable, supporting me to find ways forward in areas where I’ve felt blocked or uncertain. She has the rare ability to not only listen attentively, but also to recognise the words that carry the real meaning in my ramblings. 

Pip has helped me navigate the seeming chaos of my thoughts and gently but clearly enabled me to mark out the way forward. In just 3 sessions we have explored personal and professional development, creative blocks, team working and future plans. 

The experience reinforced my understanding of the power of articulating my inner thoughts to another person, and of the benefits that coaching can bring.

Kamina Walton, Rising Arts Agency

Pip is not simply a teacher she is a cultivator; she observes what each student is passionate about, and broadens their horizons further, but always in keeping with what each individual is interested in.

She cultivates the best out of her students, and in turn, her students learn to progress and self-critique.

Gabrielle Mehan: student