Selected works:

The work featured in this section illustrates my interest in the object, in materials and in site. Concerns and concepts running throughout the work. A material or a place can equally be the catalyst for research and enquiry.

Making work is an ongoing conversation, one in which I strive to get closer to a truth or an understanding of an aspect of the world. Subject matter includes man’s acquisition and harnessing of nature, boundaries, absence and loss. Materials employed are diverse; from found objects, yarn, fabric, gold leaf, minerals, glass, paper to plastic. Techniques include printmaking, gilding, photography, glass blowing, neon work and drawing.

Trained in Fine Art Printmaking I am drawn to the multiple and to repetition, in patterns of thought, action or behaviour and a struggle with the recognition of the ‘impossibility of things ever remaining the same’. There is a recurrence of binding, the holding and bringing of objects together in a futile attempt to protect things from change.

I have a deep interest in place – what it is and how the individual may experience it, physically or psychologically. In recent work, I have explored the potential for the language of textiles to connect people to site, referencing actions such as binding or sewing to implicate the mending of a metaphysical wound.

Einstein’s First Law of the Conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another.

The energy, time and intention invested in the creation of a work is as integral to that work as the materials used. Human endeavour creating its charge.

Untilted'Untitled''Help''Help' detailUntitled'Glow' 2001'Plummet''Swarm' detailSwarm'Anima''Wishball''Soft Target'Detail: 5 of 13 Soft Targets'Soft Target''A Light Death''Starburst''Bonsai I''Bonsai, Bound II'Bonsai, Bound III'Nothing is Something''Untitled''All the King's Horses and All the King's Men''Untitled''Another World''Another World' detail'Bathed in Light'Oriel Davies Installation ShotOriel Davies Installation ShotOriel Davies Installation ShotOriel Davies Installation ShotFor the FallenSlick'Slick' detail'Bound V57'