A Space Between


This work featured in Nature’s Alchemy

bo.lee’s inaugural exhibition at its new premises in Peckham.
November 23rd 2017 – January 13th 2018


Nature’s Alchemy, featuring twelve artists who use materials such as mud, blood and ash to explore patterns and symbolism found within nature, the exhibition showcase works and artists whose use of natural materials evoke cycles of life and death. The artists all imitate the phenomena of naturally occurring forms, patterns and reactions throughout their life cycle, allowing chance and error to play as their works develop and age. The detritus of the natural world is transformed into something spectacular, as the artists celebrate the incidental beauty of decay and rebirth in nature.

Nature’s Alchemy features the artists:

David Mach, Philippa Lawrence, Ambrosine Allen, Peter Randall-Page, Beatrice Haines, Ione Rucquoi, Cornelia Parker MBE, Richard Long, Susan Gunn, Tessa Farmer, Suzanne Moxhay, Patrick Haines.

A small dead tree, a bonsai, spun with a halo of threaded holes. Close consideration reveals subtle material qualities. The holes are seared sheepskin parchment that has been partially gilded before being tied onto strands of monofilament to create a barely-there frothy mass. The elements embody time and transformation. The work is a continuation of exploration of material and process to evoke and speak of memory and mutability, the changing states of our physical world.

Please visit Studio and News for more information on Philippa’s studio-based practice.