the impossibility of things remaining the same

Stack, 2020

Commission/Exhibition, 2020 Throughout 2016-18 Philippa Lawrence studied tree stumps, stacks of logs and cut wood in Hestercombe’s grounds, making two site responsive works Shift & Stasis, transforming fire-wood and tree stumps through the process of French polishing..


My coaching sessions with Pip have been hugely valuable, supporting me to find ways forward in areas where I’ve felt blocked or uncertain. She has the rare ability to not only listen attentively, but also to recognise the words that carry the real meaning in my ramblings. Pip has helped me navigate the seeming chaos…

Open-Up, Hestercombe

2020 , EXHIBITION Open-Up: Hestercombe Gallery unveils a series of lockdown-inspired outdoor artworks. Hestercombe Gallery is proud to unveil a brand new series of outdoor artworks commissioned in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.



2003-2009 , PROJECT Bound: started as a site-specific work, for the group exhibition ‘Explorations’, 2003 at the National Botanic Garden of Wales and in its first iteration was a lightening-blasted dead oak bound in white cloth.

Sense in Place

2006 , PROJECT/EXHIBITION Suspended 7.5k white gold gilded light bulbs, granite and amp wire, Videy, Iceland. A commissioned site-responsive work for the International Artist led exchange and exhibition programme Sense in Place. The brief was to focus upon Iceland’s relationship to issues of energy, place and power. Its geothermic qualities.

Waddesdon Manor

2012 , PROJECT/COMMISSION A work made for Waddeson Manor, (National Trust), Aylesbury. 20,000 alpine plants grown at Kernock nurseries and 6 months later laid out in just one day. Working from the textile archive and closely with the then Curator of Textiles Rachel Boak I studied and fell for the collection of exquisite, impossibly expensive lace fragments from the history of lace making.

Being Here & Being There

2017-2018 , PROJECT Dialogues and Disclosures in (im)materiality: Hestercombe unfolds

Cloth & Memory {2}

2013 , EXHIBITION Salts Mill, Saltaire. Twenty-three international artists, both emerging and established, respond to an exceptional space, with remarkable work… An international exhibition of textile art made in response to Salts Mill, curated by Professor Lesley Millar.

Cloth and Memory

Darning the Land

2011, COMMISSION Maurice Lea Park lies within the parish of Church Gresley in Swadlincote, and before its renovation in 1930 had served as common land. Here coal was publicly accessible to be picked during pit strikes in the late C19th. Before its recreation as a public park in 1930, it was deeply scarred. The work attempts to reference its history, and connect people to the past when the land supported people on a fundamental level, through the metaphor of darning.

Bound, Croft

2009-10, COMMISSION/EXHIBITIONNational Trust, Croft Castle. Bound, Croft framed the approach to Croft Castle as part of the Tell it to the Trees project commissioned by Meadow Arts.