OF BRISTOL will be my contribution to the artist-led initiative Centre of Gravity.

C o G is a 6-week exhibition programme of projects and events from visual artists, projects, providers, programmers and community engagement initiatives at the former department store and historic site – Gardiner Haskins. The owner has gifted 6 months use of the 640,000 ft site.

The aim: to bring together visual arts practice and local communities to create focus and forum for what is positive and progressive about our diverse and dynamic sector, whilst identifying strategies to approaching threats.

The project unites my driving interest in site: sited and site-responsive practice; in language; in making connections between people and place; research and practice aimed at audiences beyond the white cube and a passion to support our creative sector and cultural heritage.

OF BRISTOL is site-specific, an installation of a new sign, a text work, publication and case study. A direct response, engaging with home, belonging, community, industry and labour. The project connects networks, groups and communities in my neighbourhood, whilst contributing to on-going research about creative practice.

GARDINERS OF BRISTOL is a landmark. Through OF BRISTOL, broader questions are raised about our collective future; what it means to come to this place; be from this place, geographically, historically, politically and what collaboration and coming together may positively bring to the future?

Please visit News over the coming months for project updates.