Out of Site


Spike Island Open Studios is a continuing exploration of studio and what it means.

Its 1st iteration was a simple work of a peephole in the breeze-block wall of a closed studio, tested at Spike Island’s Open Studios in 2018. It offered a space to step up to, and an intimate moment of engagement in the role of looking, an active choice to see and participate in experiencing a closed studio.

The 2nd iteration was a series of 1-2-1 conversations on studio, practice & projects.

Open studios can often be a bit bewildering for artist and visitors alike. Philippa’s approach to hold a space for a more in-depth conversation allowed for a thoughtful, rewarding and helpful dialogue. Thank you, I really got a lot from it.

Out of Site expands a passion to facilitate ways of seeing and being, involving people in their experience of and relationship to site: specifically, the relationship of being an active participant in Open Studio that considers different relationships to site and exchange for the visitor and artist.
The project forms part of a wider ongoing discourse about the role, space and function of creative practice – for the individual and for society that hinges on Spike Island Open Studios. Working site-specifically and considering both being off-site and on-site inform my practice, as do opportunities to engage others with these experiences.

Spike Island Open Studios is a major event in the cultural calendar of the city of Bristol bringing over 7,000 visitors to the venue across 3 days in May every year.

Please visit Studio and News for more information on Philippa’s studio-based practice.