Whispering Colour, bo.lee, London

Whispering colour asks us to examine our learned and automatic responses to an inferred value system of colour and the essence of natural materials. Unified in their poetic commentary, and considered in their quest for harmony, these six artists make work that is lyrical and evocative in its aesthetic.

An engagement with natural materials is found in the works of Susan Gunn, Philippa Lawrence and Sue Arrowsmith, and is contrasted with the synthetic structures of Rosalind Davis, Michelle Benoit’s colour-coded histories in resin and artificial aquarium gravel used by Dolly Kershaw.

This dichotomy between holding or relinquishing control is further explored in the processes and materiality of the works. While some artists induce nature’s course, others trace it with a perseverance that alludes to the limitations of traditional tool or medium.