Disclosures & Dialogues in (im)materiality: Hestercombe Unfolds

A series of five dialogue events at Hestercombe House and Gardens, Taunton, Somerset entitled Disclosures and Dialogues in [im]materiality: Hestercombe Unfolds led by artists Megan Calver, Philippa Lawrence and Sarah Bennett, with Hestercombe’s Curator Tim Martin, Archivist Kim Legate, Head Gardener Claire Greenslade and Kate Best, Independent Curator.

The aim of the series is to foster dialogues by bringing together experts from diverse disciplines to envisage the material and immaterial possibilities of Hestercombe’s heritage and its future. The sessions will run concurrent to and draw upon the initial research that Calver, Lawrence and Bennett have been undertaking in preparation for a site responsive exhibition at Hestercombe in late 2018.


The five sessions will take place in unfamiliar/newly disclosed interior and exterior spaces at Hestercombe on Fridays between 3-5pm, as follows:

Friday 14th July 2017 3-5pm:

Island Gracing: Disclosures about the former Elizabethan Water Garden

(followed by Private View of Tim Knowles: The Dynamics of Drifting in Hestercombe Gallery from 6-8pm)


Friday 1st Sept 2017 3-5pm:

Not Quite This or That led by Megan Calver


Friday 29th Sept 2017 3-5pm:

Being Here and Being There: pulling threads led by Philippa Lawrence


Friday 27th Oct 2017 3-5pm:

Tripping: over things led by Sarah Bennett


Friday 9th February 2018 3-5pm:

Plenary Session