I have a diverse practice which embraces land and environmental art, the use of textiles in a fine art context, and the relationship between art, craft and design. My philosophy is one of learning through making which sees me engaged with teaching as a Principal Lecturer on the BA (hons) Artist, Designer: Maker Degree at Cardiff School of Art & Design.

Since 2003 my practice has been primarily site-responsive, concerned with issues related to mans’ relationship to land, nature and place. These issues revolve around boundaries, land use, land ownership and an increasing concern with imposed limitations, and an encroachment on our wild spaces – both the public and geographic and the private and psychological. Latterly I am more interested in the multiple sites we occupy.

Work pivots on material exploration, drawing out a material’s ability to carry metaphor and speak of human experience, and in a positioning of elements to assist an understanding of site and a re-activation of space.

Trained in Fine Art Printmaking at Norwich School of Art and the Royal College of Art. I maintain an interest in the language of making, in the multiple and in process.



2017: ‘Trace’: a new site-responsive commission for Hestercombe House will be launched October 2017.

2017: ‘A Darker Thread’: textile exhibition, will tour to Ruthin Crafts Centre in 2018.

2017-18: Disclosures and Dialogues in [im]materiality: Hestercombe Unfolds will raise questions and examine possibilities for Hestercombe as it develops its future vision to become the centre for Art and Landscape in the South West.

2016-2018: Research at Hestercombe, Taunton towards a site-responsive exhibition in 2018.

2016: On-going research supported by Cardiff Metropolitan University through a Get Started Award, to research threatened craft industries: their site and language.