Bound, Croft



Tom Freshwater, National Trust on Bound, Croft Castle, 2009:

Bound, Croft framed the approach to Croft Castle as part of the Tell it to the Trees project commissioned by Meadow Arts. A volunteer told us of the effect. ‘If 200 arrived, 150 walked up the hill to gaze at the huge Red Oak and the perhaps go on to the Iron Age Hill Fort. This was every day, and when they return down the hill, the smiles are broad and hands are held’.

For our visitors, clearly the effect was one that connected them to the landscape and to each other, highlighting something around them that otherwise might go unappreciated or unacknowledged. Bound’s use of the existing trees connected with the spirit of the place, for Croft has some of the oldest heritage oaks in the care of the National Trust.

The use of fabric was important to the atmosphere of the work, requiring the detailed binding of a landscape element, an act bringing with it associations of memorialising through mummification. A simple act which created complex and nuanced reactions in those who saw it. The property manager said 2009 saw record visitor numbers to Croft Castle, and that the exhibition was a significant part of that success.

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